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September 2018

Focuses on the training and development needs of admin professionals and features topics such as hard skills (software competencies, writing, communication, filing) and soft skills (teamwork, time management, leadership).

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SEPTEMBER 2018 2 Networking: It's not all about you Is networking part of your plan to grow in your job or business enter- prise? Active networking expands your sphere of contacts who can be of value to you: managers and executives now seeing you as an up-and-comer, colleagues sharing insights into work- place politics and skills-development opportunities, outside-of-work ac- quaintances offering tips about possi- bilities beyond your present employer. It's natural to see networking as an effective asset-acquisition strategy that makes you stronger. "But if you focus too much on what you will get out of networking, you'll miss the mark," says Mike Kaeding, whose company builds and operates apartment buildings in North Branch, Minnesota, and surrounding commu- nities. When he started in business, he says in a recent LinkedIn post, he treated networking as a series of business transactions. Then a friend offered him "some well-timed advice that I will never forget: The goal of networking is to build friendships." That was a revelation that "changed everything" for Kaeding. "I found real friends," he says. "Those friends have helped me achieve more than I ever dreamt possible." One of those friends was a com- petitor who stepped in to help Kaed- ing when a maintenance emergency occurred. In desperation, Kaeding phoned that friend, who helped him out "in a big way." Later, Kaeding returned the favour by connecting his friend to some high-level connections at a Chamber of Commerce event at which Kaeding was a featured speaker. "Start by just getting out there," Kaeding says. "Go to events. Stick your hand out to a stranger and say 'Hi, my name is…' Walk up to a group of people and introduce yourself. It is terrifying. But just act on it. The lon- ger you wait to act, the worse it gets in your mind." The most important thing to remember, he says, is to "be authen- tic and help others … Get to know them and look for ways you can help … Help others reach their dreams and they will likely help you reach yours." No small part of Kaeding's suc- cess has come from responses to his LinkedIn blogging. They "have been an inspiration to me." E D I TO R ' S N OT E George Pearson Administrative Assistant's Update is published once a month by Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd. Director, Media Solutions, Canada: Karen Lorimer Publisher: Todd Humber Editor: George Pearson Associate Editor: Jennifer Lewington EDITORIAL OFFICE (519) 271-6000 Administrative Assistant's Update Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd. 1 Corporate Plaza, 2075 Kennedy Road Toronto, ON M1T 3V4 CUSTOMER SERVICE (416) 609-3800 (800) 387-5164 FAX (416) 298-5082 (877) 750-9041 customersupport.legaltaxcanada Contents copyright. All rights reserved. © 2018 Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd. Contents may not be reproduced without written permission. Brief extracts may be made with due acknowledgement. Annual subscription: $195. Publications Mail Registration No. 40065782 GST# 897176350 UPDATE Administrative Assistant's 5 reasons people don't get enough sleep Going to bed on time and falling asleep "are an art and a science," says time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders in a recent Fast Company post. Here are the five top reasons people don't get enough sleep, she says, and what they can do about it. Problem: You don't know when to go to bed. Solution: Set a bedtime goal. Problem: You try to go to bed as soon as you get home. Solution: Give yourself time to decompress. Problem: Stealing time from sleep to decompress. Solution: Set aside 30-60 minutes of unstructured time. Problem: Doing things before bed that make you too hyped up. Solution: Shut down those things at least one hour before bed. Increase calm.

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