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November 2018

Focuses on issues of importance to payroll professionals across Canada. It contains news, case studies, profiles and tracks payroll-related legislation to help employers comply with all the rules and regulations governing their organizations.

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Payroll Reporter Can R Can R adian adian a November 2018 Canada CRA releases draft CPP amendments The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is proposing to amend Canada Pension Plan (CPP) regulations to incorporate new rules for calcu- lating contributions, beginning next year. It said the changes are necessary to align the regulations with CPP legislative amendments that will see contribution rates gradually Financial literacy programs benefi t employers, employees Payroll has a role in promoting fi nancial education, say experts BY SHEILA BRAWN FOR MANY EMPLOYEES, concerns about personal finances can affect their productiv- ity at work, says a recent survey by the Cana- dian Payroll Association (CPA). The poll of 5,074 Canadian employees found that 46 per cent said financial stress was affecting their workplace performance. For those who work in financial literacy, this is not a surprise. "We know money is a leading cause for concern," said Jane Rooney, financial literacy leader at the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), an independent federal body that promotes financial education. "What happens is that that comes into the workplace. Financial stress affects people's health. They are more distracted at work, productivity goes down, absenteeism goes up," she said. Instead of focusing on work, employ- ees with money concerns may spend time see ROUNDUP page 7 PM #40065782 Legislative Roundup Changes in payroll laws and regulations from across Canada see CRITICISM page 6 Credit: RomanR (Shutterstock) 2019 EI rates going down, but MIE to rise An overview of recent rate-setting reforms BY SHEILA BRAWN EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (EI) premium rates are dropping next year, but the maximum amount on which employees and employ- ers pay the premiums is rising, the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) recently announced. As of Jan. 1, the rate for employees outside of Quebec will decrease from 1.66 per cent to 1.62 per cent. For employees in Quebec, it will see FOUR page 2 News in Brief pg. 4 2019 EI premium reduction program rates announced | New EI parental- sharing benefi t to begin in March | Feds move forward with Phoenix replacement Updating the rules of work pg. 3 Federal government aims to modernize labour standards Ask an Expert pg. 5 Lunch, dinner break requirements by jurisdiction | Rules for giving out free tickets to events

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