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February 2017

Focuses on issues of importance to payroll professionals across Canada. It contains news, case studies, profiles and tracks payroll-related legislation to help employers comply with all the rules and regulations governing their organizations.

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Payroll Reporter Can R Can R adian adian a February 2017 News in Brief pg. 4 Feds still clearing Phoenix backlog | Rate changes announced for 2017 government programming Ask an expert pg. 5 Updating minimum wage | Rules for electronic pay statements 100 years of income tax pg. 3 Origins of Canada's income tax date back to First World War, and leadership of Prime Minister Robert Borden Quebec considering QPP reforms Discussion paper outlines potential for enhancement BY SHEILA BRAWN EMPLOYERS WITH Quebec payrolls could soon learn whether the provincial government will make changes to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). In December, Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitão released a discussion paper outlining pos- sible options for enhancing the plan's retirement benefits. In January, a National Assembly finance committee held consultations on the issue. The discussion paper, called Strengthening the Plan to Promote Greater Intergenerational Fair- ness, asked for public input on whether the Quebec government should adopt changes that the federal government is making to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), implement its own QPP proposals or leave the plan as is. Last year, the federal government and all prov- inces but Quebec signed an agreement to raise the CPP's income replacement level for retirement benefits from one-quarter of pensionable earnings see ROUNDUP page 7 PM #40065782 Legislative Roundup Changes in payroll laws and regulations from across Canada see POPULARITY page 6 Credit: pavels/Shutterstock Payroll's role in PRPPs and VRSPs While plan providers have heaviest responsibility, payroll departments do have some administrative duties BY SHEILA BRAWN WITH GOVERNMENTS across Canada enacting laws to allow for pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs) and voluntary re- tirement savings plans (VRSPs), payroll professionals may need to become as familiar with these terms as they are with registered pension plans (RPPs) and regis- tered retirement savings plans (RRSPs). Legislation to allow for PRPPs has been slowly rolling out across Canada over the last few years, beginning in 2012 for em- ployers and employees under British Columbia WorkSafeBC implements payroll policy changes On Jan. 1, WorkSafeBC revised its payroll policies to consolidate two of them and to clarify the rules it uses to determine which earnings are included when calculating an employer's assessable payroll. Updated policy AP1-38-2, Assessable Payroll, replaces previous policies AP1-38-2, Payroll—Categories, and AP1-38-3, Payroll— Principles for Determining. It combines content from the two policies, in addition to provid- ing new/updated information on terminology used and on how to The Quebec legislature will soon rule on potential changes to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). see FAST-AGING page 2

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