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March 2018

Focuses on occupational health and safety issues at a strategic level. Designed for employers, HR managers and OHS professionals, it features news, case studies on best practices and practical tips to ensure the safest possible working environment.

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Supporting your stressed-out workforce Stress takes a huge toll on employees' psychological health, but there's a lot employers can do to help them deal with it safely BY MELISSA CAMPEAU YOU MAY not realize just how stressed out your employees are. According to Statistics Canada, one in four workers reports deal- ing with high or even extreme levels of stress on a daily basis. The American Institute of Stress notes that occasional stress is fine — and even helpful at times — but chronic stress is linked to an increased risk for depression, anxiety, heart at- tacks, stroke, hypertension, im- mune system disturbances, and a host of other issues like rashes and gastrointestinal problems, and can contribute to insomnia and even neurological problems. That has a major impact on business. According to Statis- tics Canada, absenteeism due Suitable occupation not so suitable Worker couldn't do some tasks or work all the hours determined in labour market re-entry assessment BY JEFFREY R. SMITH AN INJURED Ontario worker has won an appeal disputing the suit- able occupation the province's workers' compensation board deter- mined for him and the hours of work expected of him each week. The 36-year-old worker became a farm labourer in 2002 and worked in that occupation for six years. On Sept. 15, 2008, the work- er was lifting a heavy object onto a tractor and experienced pain in his lower back. He sought medical attention and was diagnosed with Safety Reporter Canadian March 2018 CORRECTIONS CANADA, OFFICERS DISAGREE ON POTENTIAL DANGER FROM MISSING TOOL Tribunal supports work refusals by 37 officers after institution opts not to conduct special search pg. 3 ORNGE CLEARED OF CHARGES AFTER FATAL HELICOPTER CRASH pg. 5 Air ambulance service provider should have looked into night-vision technology for new helicopters, but crash involved older one AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER CONVICTED AFTER WORKER'S FALL OFF PLATFORM Platform had open spots to allow vehicles on conveyor through but more precautions should have been taken pg. 6 INSIDE NEWS BRIEF Employee > pg. 4 Credit: Shutterstock/Roger Jegg - Worker > pg. 2 PM #40065782 WORKPLACE STRESS RESOURCES • Mental Health Commission of Canada (https://www.mental- • National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (https://www. English/national-standard) • Canadian Centre for Occupation- al Health and Safety (https:// • • • 13 Factors of Workplace Psy- chological Health and Safety from the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safe- ty in the Workplace: 1. Psychological support 2. Organizational culture 3. Clear leadership and expec- tations 4. Civility and respect 5. Psychological competen- cies and requirements 6. Growth and development 7. Recognition and reward 8. Involvement and influence 9. Workload management 10. Engagement 11. Balance 12. Psychological protection 13. Protection of physical safety

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