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Building on Momentum Record High Numbers at CPHR Manitoba 1. Proven Expertise By pursuing the CPHR designation, you will prove your ability to tackle all aspects of HR and demonstrate to employers, colleagues and clients you are a true HR specialist. 2. Constant Learning Education never ends, and as a CPHR member, you will be challenged to continually update your knowledge and skills in HR. You'll gain expertise and leading-edge knowledge to help you manage complex issues and become a strategic advisor. 3. Demonstrated Commitment CPHRs must undergo rigorous studies, a comprehensive exam and ongoing growth. When you become a CPHR, you demonstrate your commitment to constantly update your skills and develop. 4. Community Through special events, conferences, publications and websites, you can connect with other HR professionals across Canada. This powerful network proves invaluable as HR professionals look for solutions, ideas and the ability to connect with others in the field. 5. Ethical Behaviour CPHRs are held to the CPHR Manitoba Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct that covers a range of important professional issues including confidentiality, conflict of interest, professional growth and more. 6. Variety In the HR profession, no two days are the same. CPHRs are always given new tasks and goals to achieve. You are able to apply your learned skills in a range of different areas. 7. Challenges Human Resources is always evolving. There are always new strategies to consider, technologies to learn and skills to improve. As a CPHR, you'll be informed of the newest trends and challenges before anyone else. 8. Impact on others Human Resources is an incredibly rewarding profession. You have the opportunity to improve working environments for others and create lasting change. CPHR members are given the tools and skills needed to train others, uncover resolutions and be leaders in their field. 9. Be a Leader Employers, colleagues and clients will turn to you for guidance and leadership in all aspect of HR. Becoming a CPHR will help you achieve excellence and acknowledgement. Achieve excellence. Become a CPHR today. Leadership Becomes You. Become a CPHR. No matter the industry, Human Resources professionals are acknowledged for their expertise and excellence. Becoming a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) means you're recognized on a national level within your field. It means having employers, colleagues and clients turn to you for strategic advice and guidance. CPHRMB.CA According to the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Business Outlook Survey, six out of ten respondents reported they have heard of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. Awareness of the CPHR designation increased from 43% in 2018 to 62% in 2019, with 76% awareness in Winnipeg. Also, 58% of respondents reported that the CPHR designation would be valuable to their organization, which is an increase of 12 points from 2018. As more organizations begin to look for CPHR accredited professionals in the workplace, it is more important than ever to enhance the standards of the designation. Effective January 2021, CPHR Canada will be adding a new educational requirement that must be completed before writing the National Knowledge Exam (NKE). This will help to set the bar for academic comprehension and establish a standard for educational requirements. Because there is only one more year before the educational requirement comes into effect, CPHR Manitoba is rolling out an outreach campaign to students, potential and current members of CPHR Manitoba to show how the CPHR designation can help them enhance their HR careers. This will be the primary role of the Membership Engagement Coordinator, a new position at the organization. They will also be responsible for fostering good relations by providing proactive, knowledgeable and timely customer service. The CPHR designation represents a commitment to a national standard of excellence and sets a benchmark for the practice of effective Human Resources. It emphasizes the strategic role of HR management in business and plays an important role in securing HR's position as an equal business partner at the executive table. This past year, CPHR Manitoba recorded their highest number of members and CPHR candidates in the history of the organization. Awareness of CPHR Manitoba has grown steadily over the past number of years due in large part to strategic partnerships with post-secondary institutions and the business community. Many organizations recognize HR as a vital and strategic leadership function and see value in having designated professionals on staff.

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