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E D I T O R I A L 6 EDITORIAL Editor/Supervisor: Sarah Dobson Employment Law Editor: Jeffrey R. Smith Labour Relations News Editor: John Dujay Production Editor: Patricia Cancilla Contributors: Laura Williams Lorenzo Lisi CORPORATE Chief Executive Officer Mike Shipley Chief Operating Officer George Walmsley President Tim Duce Chief Information Officer Colin Chan Human Resources Manager Julia Bookallil ADVERTISING Business Development Manager: Fred Crossley (416) 644-8740 ext. 236 Vice President Sales John Mackenzie PRODUCTION Art Director: Steve Maver Production Coordinator: Kim Kandravy Client Success Coordinator: Kshipra Dhindaw MARKETING AND CIRCULATION Subscriptions and Circulation manager: Keith Fulford Marketing Coordinator: Charlyn Macaraeg Global Head of Media Marketing: Adrijana Monevska ISSUE 33.03.2020 Does 'top employer' carry the same weight? TIS the season for top employer lists. Every day, a new batch of employers is announced, whether it's for a particular region or specialty such as Alberta or diversity or older workers. The usual quotes are given in the press releases, touting the merits of the different award-winning programs or highlighting apparent trends that have surfaced among the exemplary organizations. Don't get me wrong: If you take the time to look into each employer's offering, the programs, cultures and initiatives they list are, for the most part, pretty impressive. Many of the organizations are up on the latest trends, whether it's mental health support, diversity and inclusion initiatives or benefits catering to a multigenerational workforce. Maybe it's because we report on these each time, but I have to wonder how much weight these lists still carry. There are just so many, and it often seems like many of the same employers are among the rankings. The lists first came about as a way for employers to stand out from the crowd, to attract potential recruits with a shiny logo on their website and in their job ads, recognizing their workplace culture or benefits. The awards also helped with retention, with employers celebrating their win with trinkets for employees accompanied by communications reminding them that they work for a top employer. But as the lists come and go each year, some employers have stepped back from the nominations, tired of the intense application process and the same accolades. This means a lot of great employers are not being recognized. And, of course, a lot of the standout programs that first distinguished top employers have become run-of-the-mill, making it more difficult to differentiate their brand both internally and externally. Take, for example, virtual health-care benefits. In talking to experts for the cover story of this issue, "Virtual care grows in popularity," they mentioned offering this new benefit would be a great way for an employer to stick out from the competition. But they also said the window would only stay open so long, before the offering became tablestakes — and that employer becomes just another employer. A lot of the standout programs that first distinguished top employers have become run-of-the-mill. Sarah Dobson, editor, Canadian HR Reporter group Contents of Canadian HR Reporter are copyright © 2020 HAB Press Limited and may not be reproduced in whole or part without written consent. HAB Press Limited disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the contents of this publication and disclaims all liability in respect of the results of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon information in this publication. HST/GST # 70318 4911 RT0001 Canada Post – Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement 41261516 International Standard Serial Number 0838-228X. The publishers accept no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, colour transparencies or other materials. Manuscripts or other materials must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. KEY MEDIA and the KEY MEDIA logo are trademarks of Key Media IP Limited, and used under license by HAB Press Limited. Canadian HR Reporter is a trademark of HAB Press Limited. 20 Duncan St. 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON. M5H 3G8 Subscription price: Canada: $175 plus tax; US and International: $175 USD Canadian HR Reporter makes every effort to ensure accuracy in all items reported, but cannot accept responsibility for the representations or claims made by sources used. It is also not responsible for claims made by its advertisers.

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