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"EVERY time you go out, there is police everywhere and they ask you to identify yourself and to explain the reason why you are out… It's just like being in a war." That was the situation facing Francesca Bossi, CHRO of Docebo in Milan in March, when her company was among many in Italy that underwent a severe lockdown enforced both by local police and the army. "It's quite difficult, but we already know it is something we have to do to stop the virus, so it's not just an imposition, it's something that we are doing for our future." And there are lessons to be learned from the pandemic, for now and the future, says Bossi. "The most important lesson is to try to think in advance. Being a little paranoid in the beginning could really help you to manage the situation." It is difficult to deal with something as unprecedented as this, where many employers are trying to figure out if they' ll be able to open up for business the next day, says Plamen Petkov, vice president of legislative affairs and business resources at CFIB in Toronto. "I could compare this to perhaps businesses that existed during the Second World War, for example, and what that looked like back then… WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 33.04 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HR at forefront in pandemic response Remote work in spotlight With so many people at home, will careers suffer? We look at a recent study /8 Coping through digital therapy Online cognitive behavioural therapy provides much-needed support to workers /18 Travelling light When business travel resumes, going green should be one consideration /24 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… INTERNAL RECRUITMENT Finding top talent can be tough, so one Toronto-based ad firm decided to look inwards, with encouraging results /7 SEARCHING FOR SKILLS While coping with the pandemic will be a huge challenge for employers going forward, a lack of essential skills is also a major obstacle, finds a survey /10 TAKING TIME OFF A growing number of employers are looking to ensure workers take their vacation by offering bonuses or savings plans /12 > pg. 2 With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe, employers are faced with unprecedented change and tough decisions. Business continuity planning, employee communications and remote work are taking centre stage as workplaces fight to survive and thrive, writes Sarah Dobson

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