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April 27, 2020

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4 Canadian HR Reporter, a HAB Press business 2020 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS Editor's notes: On-call: $12.50 per day for weekdays; $20 per day for weekends; $30 per day for named holidays. Employer ve- hicle may be supplied to employees while on call. Pay advances: Regular, temporary employees may request maximum $1,000 midmonth advance (will be paid on 15th of month or last business day before 15th of month, if 15th falls on non-business day). Retirement allowance: $500 per year of service, maximum $15,000 (partial year of service will not be included in calculation), for employees with 10 years of service, minimum 55 years old. Wellness incentive: Employee who has not been absent from work for any medical reasons for 1 year, will receive 2 wellness-incentive days with full pay in subsequent year; employee who is absent for medical reasons for not more than 9 days in 1 year, will receive 1 wellness-incentive day with full pay in subse- quent year. TRANSPORTATION Consolidated Fastfrate Regina (18 transport truck drivers) and Teamsters Canada, Local 395 Renewal agreement: Effective Aug. 1, 2019 to July 31, 2021. Signed on Aug. 1, 2019. Wage adjustments: Effective Aug. 1, 2019: 1.2% Effective Aug. 1, 2020: 1.2% Shift premium: $1 per hour for all hours on shifts that begin between 5:59 p.m. and 3:59 a.m. $1 per hour for lead-hands. Paid holidays: 11 days. On day before Christmas, day be- fore New Year's, if employee is requested to go home after re- porting for duty, employee will be paid for all hours worked, plus additional 4 hours, maxi- mum 8 hours. Vacations with pay: 2 weeks or 4% after 1 year, 3 weeks or 6% after 5 years, 4 weeks or 8% after 10 years, 5 weeks or 10% after 12 years, 6 weeks or 12% after 25 years. Overtime: Time and one-half for first 3 hours of work after 8 hours of completed work, double time for any additional hours. Time and one-half for all time worked on employee's designated day of rest. Medical benefits: Employer pays 100% of premiums for Prairie Teamsters Health and Welfare Plan. Pension: Employer will con- tribute $2 per hour (previously $1.75 per hour) to Teamsters Prairie Provinces Pension Plan. Bereavement leave: 5 working days for death of spouse, parent, child, sibling, parent-in-law, sibling-in-law, grandparent, spouse's grandparent, grand- child. Part-time employees: Number of shifts for which employee is scheduled within 7-day period following date of death, maximum 3 working days. Seniority – recall rights: 180 days for layoffs. Rehiring in inverse order of layoffs within list (2 lists: dock workers and drivers, warehouse workers). 6 months if employees loses license. Call-in pay: Minimum 4 hours for call-back on regular sched- uled workday from regular scheduled start time. After 4 hours employee receives 8 hours work or pay. Minimum 4 hours at time and one-half on day not regular scheduled workday. Probationary period: 45 work- ing days. May be extended by 10 working days by written mutual agreement. Discipline: Sunset clause is 1 year. Safety shoes: $220 per year (af- ter 1 year of service) (previously $205 per year). Effective Jan. 1, 2021: $230 per year. Uniforms/clothing: Winter, summer gloves will be supplied upon request. Replacement gloves will only be given when used gloves are turned in, or employees will be responsible for cost of gloves. Sample rates of pay (current, after 1.2% increase): Drivers: $20.69 rising 1 step to $20.95 Hired before Dec. 29, 2014 Dock workers: $20.69 rising 1 step to $20.95 Hired after Dec. 29, 2014 Dock workers: $18.62 rising 1 step to $18.85 Hired before Dec. 29, 2014 Warehouseman: $19.59 rising 1 step to $19.84 Hired after Dec. 29, 2014 Warehouseman: $17.51 rising 1 step to $17.73 Editor's notes: Alternate schedules: With mutual consent of company and union, four-day work weeks at 10 hours per day may be established. All newly hired regular employees will be paid 90% of top rate for their classification for first 6 months of employment and 95% of top rate for months 7 to 12. Newly hired part-time employees will be paid 90% of top rate for their classification for first 1,040 hours worked, then 95% until 2,080 hours worked. Condition of trucks: All trucks operated by em- ployer will have adequate heaters, defrosters, windshield wipers installed and kept in operating condition. Hazardous goods: All employees required to handle propane or other hazardous goods will receive appropriate training supplied by employer and will be certified. License renewal or upgrading: If employer requests employee to upgrade license, appropriate equipment will be provided for test purposes and employee will receive regular pay during test period. CONSTRUCTION e Residential Low Rise Forming Contractors' Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity Toronto, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville, Ajax, and Pickering, Ontario (1,000 construction workers, labourers, drivers) and Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 183 (LiUNA) Renewal agreement: Effective May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022. Ratified on May 1, 2019. Signed on May 1, 2019. Wage adjustments: May 1, 2020: $0.69 per hour May 1, 2021: $0.72 per hour Shift premium: $1 per hour for work performed on regularly scheduled second shift. $25 per employee per day when crew is required to carry forms longer than 8 feet and crew works more than 3 hours on that day. Paid holidays: 10 days Vacations with pay: 10% of gross earnings on behalf of each employee covered will be remitted monthly to Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 183 Members' Holiday and Vacation Pay Fund. Payments from fund will be made to employees in first 2 weeks of June, November in each year. Overtime: Board area 8, Whit- by, Oshawa, Simcoe County: April 27, 2020 April 27, 2020

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