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IS Canada headed for a mental health crisis? Considering the hardship and anxiety that has accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, it's not an unlikely prediction — especially if second or third waves of the coronavirus are still expected. "This is a moving target for sure; we don't know what all of the long-term mental health consequences will be. But we're already hearing reports of increased rates of anxiety disorder, increased rates of depression… family violence… alcohol consumption… a number of mental health issues seem to be on the increase," says Keith Dobson, a professor in the department of psychology at the University of Calgary. "When the whole pandemic first broke, there was a lot of focus on anxiety and threat: 'What's the future going to hold?' And I think now we know what the future is going to hold. And we're down to more things like depression and hunkering down and just gritting our teeth and getting through it… Without a doubt, we're still seeing continued concern and anxiety about the future." It's a daunting prospect that employers should be prepared for, given the likely impact on employees when it comes to key measurements such as productivity, WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 33.06 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Are we headed for a mental health crisis? Readers' Choice Awards For the fifth year in a row, we present the top organizations that were standouts in the HR community /30 Learning roundtable In an exclusive, a group of HR leaders discuss the importance of learning and development in times of crisis /26 Bringing people back safely How can employers boost safety to reassure people as the economy reopens? /8 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… Online harassment Will the rise of remote work lead to a rise in online harassment? We look at the importance of investigations and discipline in the new world of work /12 6 steps for onboarding There are several ways to ensure a new arrival's success for the long term when they're welcomed to a new employer amid a pandemic /16 Mitigation after dismissal Employees who are terminated without cause are entitled to reasonable notice — or pay in lieu — but that doesn't mean they're not obligated to look for new work during that period /48 > pg. 2 The incredible strain people have felt these past few months has been exceptional. To combat the stresses, employers can help by better understanding the issues and impacts and providing much-needed support and leadership, finds Sarah Dobson

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