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"SIGNIFICANTLY more onerous and time- consuming." So says Amy Fong, a lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault in Vancouver, in describing the impact on employers when it comes to the federal government's new rules around workplace harassment and violence taking effect in 2021. While an important initiative, the new rules provide less freedom for employers and "may be restricting in that they've had an effective way of dealing with violence and harassment in the workplace that is outside what these requirements indicate," she says. "It's important for employers to know that there will be a bunch of legwork that needs to happen before Jan. 1 to ensure that they're in compliance." 'Straightforward' but 'prescriptive' rules The legislation passed back in December 2018, but after months of consultations and revisions, the final regulations were released in July 2020, giving employers six months to finalize appropriate policies and processes. The Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulation around Bill C65 was brought in because the previous legal framework was "fragmented and not designed WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 33.08 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Deadline looms for new harassment rules Supreme Court reprimands Uber There's a lesson here for employers when it comes to using arbitration clauses in agreements /8 Improving trans inclusion While many employers have done basic accommodations, there are still gaps in providing truly inclusive workplaces /10 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… Payroll year-end in a pandemic 2020 will be the most complex year- end ever, with challenges including government subsidies, workers' compensation and pandemic pay /16 Focusing on diversity in a crisis Now is the time to focus on diversity and inclusion to ensure that people who have been marginalized are not further pushed to the edges /22 Dismantling racism HR should step back from "celebrating diversity" and take a step forward toward abolishing racism by focusing on better policies and solutions /47 > pg. 2 The federal government has finally released the regulations around workplace harassment and violence. Taking effect on Jan. 1, 2021, the new rules mean federally regulated employers and HR will need to ramp up their policies and procedures to comply, says Sarah Dobson COVID-19: Accommodating parents As workers return to the physical workplace, the issue of childcare remains as many schools and daycares are not fully open /44

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