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September 21, 2020

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Class 11 (lead-hand/produc- tion utility person/paperman/ relief man/fork-truck ware- house/receiver/clerk): $33.81 rising 2 steps to $35.11 Class 12 (edger man): $34.10 rising 2 steps to $35.41 Class 13 (mill operators/front- end loader): $34.29 rising 2 steps to $35.61 Class 14: $34.55 rising 2 steps to $35.87 Class 15 (repairman 1): $34.79 rising 2 steps to $36.13 Class 16: $35.01 rising 2 steps to $36.35 Class 17: $35.26 rising 2 steps to $36.61 Class 18: $35.49 rising 2 steps to $36.86 Class 19: $35.79 rising 2 steps to $37.16 Class 20: $35.97 rising 2 steps to $37.35 Class 21 (journeyman trades- man (electrician/welder/ mechanic/millwright)): $42.97 rising 2 steps to $44.62 Editor's notes: Orientation: Employer will allocate 1.5 hours for proper orientation of newly hired employees; done on employee's regular shift. Newly hired employee will be paid for time spent in orientation. Medical certificates: Em- ployer will pay full cost of medical certificates requested by employer, maximum $125 per occurrence. Prescription safety glasses: Employer will pay 100% of cost for employee required to wear prescription safety glasses and repairs as needed. Entire cost of eye exams will also be included maximum $125. Termination benefits: 5 weeks' pay for each 5 years' service for employee who terminates employment due to early, normal or late retirement. CONSTRUCTION Rodmen Employer Bargaining Agency Provincewide, Ontario (1,600 industrial contracting workers) and the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers and Iron Workers District Council of Ontario, Local 700, 721, 736, 759, 765 and 786 Renewal agreement: Ef- fective May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022. Ratified June 2019. Signed on March 28, 2019. Wage adjustments: Effective May 1, 2019: 2.2% Effective May 1, 2020: 2.1% Effective May 1, 2021: 2.1% Shift premium: 8 hours' pay for 7 hours worked for single off-shift outside normal working hours; afternoon shift between 4:30 p.m. and midnight; night shift between midnight and 7:30 a.m.; when multiple shifts are worked on Saturdays, Sundays and rec- ognized holidays. Where 37.5 hours constitute standard work week, first hour of over- time Monday to Thursday at time and one-half. Paid holidays: 10 days. Vacations with pay: In ac- cordance with regulations for construction industry as out- lined in Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000. Overtime: Double time for all shift work on Saturdays, Sundays, recognized holidays; all work performed before or after employee's regular shift. Meal allowance: Hot meal (TV dinners are not accept- able) will be provided (and 30 minutes at straight-time rate of pay to consume same) when employee is continu- ally employed for more than 2 hours beyond normal quitting time. Medical benefits: Employer pays 100% of premiums ($4.08 per hour) (previously $3.80 per hour) to Iron Workers Central Welfare Fund and ($3.30 per hour) Rodman's Benefit Fund. Pension: Employer pays 100% of premiums to ($7.58 per hour (previously $7.30 per hour); $7.60 per hour for To- ronto region (previously $7.30 per hour) ) Iron Workers On- tario Pension Fund and Local 721 Pension Plan. Call-in pay: 2 hours' pay for reporting to work but unable to commence work due to circumstances beyond em- ployee's control. Uniforms/clothing: Em- ployer maintains insurance to cover employee clothing and tools while on company prop- erty or in company change houses, against loss or dam- age by fire or theft, maximum $600 per employee. $1,000 for employees staying in camp. Employer will supply work gloves, pliers and reels where necessary, at cost. Tool allowance: Rodman employed on all phases of rod work will furnish (for own use) pliers, belt and belt as- sembly, reel and tape. Mileage: Personal vehicle allowance for travel, tied to distance from city hall where union local is located. Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 2.1% in- crease): Local 700 (Windsor/London): $41.59 rising 1 step to $42.46 Local 700 (Sarnia): $42.06 ris- ing 1 step to $42.95 Local 721 (Toronto): $43.26 rising 1 step to $44.17 Local 736 (Hamilton): $42.18 rising 1 step to $43.06 Local 759 (Thunder Bay): $41.95 rising 1 step to $42.83 Local 765 (Ottawa): $41.56 rising 1 step to $42.44 Local 786 (Sudbury): $41.40 rising 1 step to $42.27 Apprentice First 500 hours: 60% of jour- neyman's rate Next 500 hours: 70% of jour- neyman's rate Second 1,000 hours: 80% of journeyman's rate Third 1,000 hours: 90% of journeyman's rate Fourth 1,000 hours: 95% of journeyman's rate Editor's notes: Labour Day: No work will be performed on Labour Day, except to save life or property. Association fund: Employer will contribute $0.03 per hour for each of total hours earned under provisions of agreement to associa- tion fund. Coroner's inquest allowance: Employer agrees that employee covered by agreement who is required by law to attend coroner's inquest into job-site fatality and who does not get paid by employer for time required to attend in- quest will be paid $150 per day, maximum 2 days per inquest. Labour Day: No work will be performed on Labour Day, except to save life or property. 7 Canadian HR Reporter, a HAB Press business 2020 CANADIAN LABOUR REPORTER CANADIAN LABOUR REPORTER COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS

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