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AMID all the turmoil of the pandemic and its impact on the workplace, employee benefits have taken centre stage, not just because of employee health but because they add up to a sizeable expense in the midst of a bleak economy. But in looking at how employers have responded so far — and how they should be responding going forward — experts say now is a great time for a reappraisal. This pandemic has pretty much changed everything for employers, says Paula Allen, senior vice president of research, analytics and innovation at Morneau Shepell in Toronto. "It's like a big asteroid in what we have as expectations, what we see as risk, what we see as needs and, certainly, benefits are definitely a part of that because people's health is essential to a lot of conversation," she says. "Whenever you have any kind of crisis or whenever you have any kind of change, it's an opportunity for the best of fresh starts, which is to think about, really, what is the most positive approach that you can take to make things better for your workplace and your people, as opposed to just meeting the minimum need?" The turmoil of the pandemic provides a great opportunity for a reset, says Chris Gory, president of Orchard Benefits in Toronto. WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 33.10 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Benefits in spotlight with 'new normal' 'Frightening' decision? Court of Appeal decides an employer didn't go far enough in trying to accommodate a worker taking marijuana /10 Executive comp in a crisis Looking ahead, companies should focus on ensuring they retain — or gain — the ability to modify compensation programs /18 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… Court clarifies severance in M&As Employers take note: Reasonable notice went under the microscope in an Ontario court recently /14 The ethics of safety As HR looks to provide some sense of normalcy, three core principles are invaluable for employers as they grapple with the pandemic /20 Did they really quit? After a dispute between an employee and management, it may be unclear if the person actually quit, as seen in a recent Alberta decision /28 > pg. 2 Looking to balance cost cuts with employee health, employers have been busy assessing benefit offerings. And with expected rises in mental health and disability claims, along with newer tools such as virtual care, it's a great time for a reset, finds Sarah Dobson Collaborating through tech In an exclusive roundtable, we hear about the crucial role collaborative tools play in the new world of work /26

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