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BEFORE the arrival of COVID-19 in Canada, Thinkific employees could work from home one or two days a week. Looking to the post-pandemic future, that equation will likely be inverted, says Amanda Nagy, senior manager of people operations at Thinkific in Burnaby, B.C. "We're not going to be office based anymore." With the pandemic now a year old in Canada, the online learning company has firmly established itself as a distributed-first team. While Thinkific still has private offices available, along with meeting rooms that meet all the requirements for social distancing and safety, Nagy says, "The way that we're fundamentally going to be treating our office space going into the future is looking at it more as a space to congregate and not necessarily a space with our open concept where people have to go into work. "Our office space will primarily be used for opportunities for events or to congregate or maybe have in-person meetings, for collaborative purposes, but not necessarily for the purposes of working at a desk for six to eight hours a day," she says. Surveys point to many more employers embracing a hybrid approach once things return to normal, with employees splitting their work WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 34.01.2021 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Hybrid model set to transform offices Women 'fallling out' of labour force Years of advancement came to a crashing halt with the COVID-19 outbreak — but there's hope on the horizon /12 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… Embracing micro-credentials They're designed to supplement employee knowledge in 'snippets' but are employers taking them seriously?/14 Q&A on mental health care An innovative new treatment option allows employees to recover from addiction or mental health disorders without having to leave their jobs — or even their homes /38 Employee or contractor? A B.C. company intended for a new recruit to be an independent contractor until it formed a new company, but the nature of the relationship meant the recruit was an employee from the start /41 > pg. 2 With many employees looking for greater flexibility once the pandemic subsides, employers such as IBM Canada and Thinkific have much to consider when it comes to the office in the new normal, including shared spaces, human behaviour and corporate culture, says Sarah Dobson Non-discretionary bonuses A Supreme Court decision doesn't really deliver good news to employers /8 LEGAL GUIDE 2021 Employment lawyers talk about the latest legal developments in the HR space — and what's expected for the year to come /18

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