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"I don't think we have a single search where, at the end of COVID, you need to be in the office every day." So says Kristina McDougall, founder and CEO of executive search firm Artemis in Waterloo, Ont., as employers realize "actually, they're functioning quite well" despite the dramatic surge in work from home this past year because of pandemic restrictions. While some had concerns about things such as collaboration and team cohesiveness a m o n g a d i s b a n d e d w o r k f o r c e , m a ny more employers have come to embrace the new setup. Not surprisingly, many organizations are also realizing that the hiring pool does not need to be quite so local because there's valuable talent to be found further afield ― in another city, province or country. A survey of more than 600 senior managers in September by Robert Half found that 55 per cent of Canadian employers widened their search parameters to access a broader talent pool ― compared to 21 per cent before the pandemic. "They've been able to go outside of their own backyards to not only find what candidates are available but actually the best candidates WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 34.02.2021 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT No-poaching agreements A recent statement by the Competition Bureau provides 'welcome clarification' for employers /08 Focus on: Professional development The latest on education, training and upskilling as leaders recognize that workforce agility will help them thrive /16 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… EMBRACING VIRTUAL REALITY VR proves popular in replicating real- world situations around recruitment, training and teamwork /12 POOLING PENSIONS Many Canadians are struggling with their financial savings. Will a 'Canada model' pension plan lead to gains in productivity, attraction and retention? /24 JUST 1 INCIDENT? Workplace discrimination can vary in its seriousness, especially if a complaint stems from an isolated incident rather than a pattern of behaviour /32 > pg. 2 The rise of work from home has convinced many employers that this is a viable option even after the pandemic, so they can recruit well beyond the local talent pool. But they'll want to watch for compensation and payroll challenges, writes Sarah Dobson Keeping your distance Social distancing at work will be a safety priority for a long time to come /10 Boom in remote work widens talent searches

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