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ROUGHLY 31,000 tests — that's the number of rapid antigen testing carried out by EllisDon in the first few weeks of 2021. The construction firm is fully embracing the screening method, which has been "really successful" in the early identification of presumptive positives that are then confirmed through a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, says Steve Chaplin, vice president of health, safety and environment at EllisDon. "We thought we'd have a lot of pushback [from workers], there's always a few, but really it was adopted quite well. And now we've moved to a spot where in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] we've got about 16 sites where we're doing the testing. And we've just completed, as of today, over 31,000 rapid test screens… And we're doing 8,000 tests a week." EllisDon acted early to boost safety efforts both on worksites and at offices by introducing phys- ical distancing, reduced capacities, staggered start times, hand sanitizer and health screening questionnaires. More recently, the company was an early adopter of thermal imaging temperature scans, and it is now fully embracing rapid antigen testing to limit further spread of the virus. WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 34.04.2021 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Never say never A recent appeal court decision in Ontario involved a worker who waited two years to sue for constructive dismissal /8 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… CYBERVETTING CHALLENGES Is checking out the social media profiles of potential job candidates more about moral evaluations than proper skills assessment? /7 BOOSTING FINANCIAL WELLNESS With people struggling more than ever, there are several ways — and reasons why — employers can step up to help /28 RACIAL DISCRIMINATION The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal awards more than $960,000 in damages to a former corrections officer /33 > pg. 2 EllisDon, Nutrien, Rogers — a growing number of employers are rolling out rapid antigen testing to boost COVID-related safety. And while there are challenges, along with legal considerations, it's proving a worthwhile endeavour, writes Sarah Dobson Rating DEI initiatives Employers take note: Glassdoor is now including demographic ratings for race, ethnicity and gender identity /10 Rapid testing takes off in fight against COVID BENEFITS GUIDE 2021 We hear from several providers to get their take on the latest developments in employee benefits and what employers need to know moving forward /16

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