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June 2, 2021

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PM41261516 A BRITISH COLUMBIA company did not wrong- fully dismiss a manager who said for months that he would resign if his business proposal was rejected and acted as if he had resigned when the proposal was rejected, the B.C. Supreme Court has found. Griff Building Supplies is a supplier of lumber and building supplies in B.C. It hired Kyle Conway, 46, as a technician in 1998 and, over two decades, Conway rose to become a member of the company's senior management team. He never had a written employment contract. When Conway assumed a senior role with Griff, he started telling the owner that he would like to acquire an equity interest in the company. He also said that if it wasn't possible, he would leave the company to pursue other opportunities. The owner didn't imme - diately agree but said she would consider it. In early 2018, Griff's owner was thinking about retirement and she was planning to pass her interest in the company to her three children and stepson, who all worked for Griff. She also hired two consul - tants to help her with strategic planning over the last few months of 2018. The planning team developed A BRITISH COLUMBIA worker's claim of discrimination based on religious belief after he wasn't allowed to work when he refused to wear a mask in the workplace has been dismissed by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. The worker was contracted to do work at a facility in B.C. When he reported for work, the facility's manager told him that he had to wear a face mask — the provincial govern - ment issued orders on Nov. 24, 2020 requiring people to wear face coverings indoors, with certain exemptions related to health condi- tions. The government made the orders based on studies showing that face coverings, when combined with other measures, could prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19. June 2, 2021 NO EVIDENCE on page 6 » CREDIT: SKYNESHER iSTOCK EMPLOYEE SAID on page 7 » B.C. company calls employee's bluff, accepts resignation Employee claimed he didn't want to resign, but had been saying for months he would and told owner and team members he did B.C. worker's mask refusal not based on religious belief: tribunal Worker claimed he couldn't wear a mask in the workplace because it 'dishonours God' but also said he didn't believe masks stopped COVID-19 BY JEFFREY R. SMITH BY JEFFREY R. SMITH News anchor cancelled for harassing multiple colleagues PG.4 Two official complaints and other unofficial reports revealed pattern of commenting on appearance and sexuality of young, female colleagues Manitoba CBC reporter fired for talking too much was wrongfully dismissed PG.3 Telling others about order to delete tweet wasn't a fireable offence; CBC breached his privacy by snooping in his social media accounts with Tim Mitchell Ask an Expert PG. 2 Getting company equipment back from employee

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