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"THE bottom fell out, the business just collapsed," says Brian Robertson in talking about the travel industry when the pandemic first took hold in the spring of 2020. Since then, there have been slight upticks followed by further restrictions. And now? "Now it's worked its way back… because of the rollout of the vaccine, and the testing and tracing and everything that it had last year," says Robertson, president of Direct Travel in Toronto. "For a while, it's going to be in a real up-and- down situation, but I think as most major busi- ness markets, with their populations activated, that the demand is going to be there." As for employers, "they're deciding that it's time to start travelling… there's a lot of positivity. But, boy, it's been a long, long road," he says. Things are starting to open up, restrictions are starting to ease, and as more vaccinations start rolling out, and we start hitting those govern- ment thresholds, there will be more oppor- tunities for things to evolve better, says Nancy Tudorache, regional vice president for Canada at the Global Business Travel Association in Toronto. WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 34.07.2021 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Equality in a hybrid workplace Leaders should ensure all employees feel equally valued in a blended office /10 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… DEATH FROM OVERWORK Are people dying from working long hours? Yes, according to a recent study, highlighting the need for greater controls /7 26 MONTHS' NOTICE Though 24 months seemed like a reasonable cap for employee notice periods, a recent court case delivers bad news for employers /8 BEREAVEMENT LEAVES Dealing with a pregnancy loss while trying to keep it hidden can take a toll on employees' mental health /26 > pg. 2 Economics and business are reopening, but with the boom of virtual communications during the pandemic, does business travel still make sense? Employers will find there are several issues to consider, writes Sarah Dobson Virtual bargaining takes off While the new format made some things easier, some labour leaders weren't so satisfied with the new format /12 Will business travel ever be the same? INNOVATIVE HR TEAMS After an unprecedented year, we celebrate top innovative HR teams from across the country /17

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