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IT'S been over 18 months since the COVID-19 virus first took hold and spread alarmingly around the globe. From the start, there was confusion and panic, and not a lot of information about the deadly disease. As a result, employers scrambled to find hand sanitizers and signage in an effort to improve workplace safety, and then started imple- menting barriers such as plexiglass dividers and mask-wearing policies. Now, 18 months later, the data has evolved. Which begs the question: Are employers still doing what's needed to protect employees and customers? Or are they working on dated infor- mation and wasting resources? There are two things to remember: This is a virus that two years ago was unknown to science, so we all had to do a lot of learning, says Raymond Tellier, associate professor in the Department of Medicine at McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in Montreal. "The second thing is that the virus has changed. And the Delta virus that we're dealing with now is remarkably different from the initial virus that we had to deal with. In a way, we were lucky not to have to face something as contagious as the Delta from the beginning; we had a little bit of a chance. But if you want a WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 34.09.2021 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Employee experience in spotlight Many organizations are paying greater attention to how each worker feels about the day-to-day culture /10 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… IS PRODUCTIVITY UP OR DOWN? A recent report reveals the key factors influencing the output of employees /07 UBER LOSES AGAIN Ontario Court's decision furthers debate about status of drivers who claim they have been misclassified as independent contractors /08 TERMINATION FOR CAUSE Multiple incidents of misconduct may amount to a repudiation of the employment contract so progressive discipline is not required /16 > pg. 2 The data and research around COVID-19 has advanced considerably since the pandemic started back in the spring of 2020. But many employers may be using old methods in the workplace that are less effective, finds Sarah Dobson Why wellbeing programs fail People with mental health issues already know all about it, and those who don't aren't interested, says one expert /52 Evolving COVID safety challenges employers BEST PLACES TO WORK 2021 We present Canada's top employers, based on extensive employee feedback and several key HR metrics /17

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