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January 12, 2016

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PM #40065782 Labour Reporter Canadian Millworker displaced by technological change not entitled to severance pay MILLWORKERS Manjit Ni- jjer and George McEwen both lost their jobs because of a techno- logical change at Canadian Forest Products, but at the time were on disability leave, which complicat- ed the terms of their severance pay entitlement. Both worked as planer graders at the company's Prince George, RCMP inch closer to collective bargaining Legislation delayed but Liberals promise new labour scheme by February BY SABRINA NANJI THE MOUNTIES are one step closer to collective bargaining. At the end of 2015, the Liberals announced the legislation granting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police the right to collective bargaining would be introduced at the end of February — nearly two months after the Supreme Court of Canada's deadline. The Supreme Court had ruled in January 2015 that the Mounties would have the right to unionize and operate under a collective agreement. In its 6-1 deci- sion, the Supreme Court determined the denial of the right to form a union and collectively bargain an employment agreement violated the RCMP's right to freedom of association, which is guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "As the minister responsible for the RCMP, I am pleased to announce that the government will soon be introducing a bill to respond to the Supreme Court of Canada's January 2015 decision on the case," said January 12, 2016 ARBITRATION AWARDS see Collective agreements > pg. 3 Employee dismissed after injury-related absence pg. 6 Imperial Parking Canada — Ontario pg. 3 Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association — Nova Scotia pg. 4 Nova Scotia Construction Labour Relations Association — Nova Scotia pg. 4 West Wind Airline — Saskatchewan pg. 5 DHL — British Columbia pg. 5 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS Photo: Dan Riedlhuber (Reuters) pg. 2 PTSD recognized as occupational disease Coverage extended under Workers Compensa- tion Board ARBITRATION AWARDS COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS see Contract > pg. 7 see Arbitration > pg 6 CONSTRUCTION York Concrete Toronto (2 employees) and the Construction Workers Local 52, Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) Renewal agreement: Effective April 1, 2015, to March 31, 2019. Wage adjustments: Effective April 1, 2016: 2.4% Effective April 1, 2017: 2.3% Effective April 1, 2018: 2.2% Calculated by CLR Shift premium: 50¢ for lead hands. Up until now, the RCMP was the only police force in Canada without the right to collectively bargain. Come February, a new labour relations bill will change that.

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