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March 27, 2017

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5 Canadian HR Reporter, a Thomson Reuters business 2017 CANADIAN LABOUR REPORTER COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS Dental Plan: Employer will con- tribute $0.40 per employee per hour to the fund. Vision: $150 every 24 months, including eye exams. $150 per year for dependants under 19 years of age. Life insurance: Basic coverage: $25,000. Seniority – recall rights: 18 months. Probationary period: 65 days within a 12-month period. Discipline: Sunset clause is 2 years. Safety shoes: Company will reimburse 100% of cost for safety footwear (previously $90 maximum). Uniforms/clothing: Employer will supply and launder suitable work clothing. Employer will supply gloves, hairnets, head coverings. Tool allowance: $200 per year (previously $150 per year). Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after $2.05 per hour increase): General labour: $14.60 rising 5 steps to $16.65 Production operators: $16.60 rising 5 steps to $18.65 SIG operator: $20.84 rising 5 steps to $22.89 Set-up maintenance operator: $20.84 rising 5 steps to $22.89 Industrial mechanic/mill- wright/ electrical: $30.80 rising 5 steps to $32.85 Dual licence (electrician, me- chanic millwright, industrial electrical & PLC): $31.83 rising 5 steps to $33.88 Lump sum: $500 to each em- ployee upon ratification. Editor's notes: Workplace modification and accommodation: Maximum $5,000 if employee suffers an injury and requires special adaptive equipment or workplace modification to return to full-time work with the employer. Repatriation: If the employee suffers accidental death at least 50 kilometres away from employee's normal place of residence, the employer will reimburse the expenses incurred for preparing the deceased for burial and shipping the body to the employee's city of residence, maximum $15,000 per person. Identification benefit: Maximum $5,000 for the transportation of an immediate family member to identify the employee's body if the employee suffers a covered accidental death at least 150 kilometres from home and a law enforcement agency requests such identification. TRANSPORTATION Charlottetown Airport Authority Charlottetown, P.E.I. (17 office, maintenance workers) and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), Local 60925 Renewal agreement: Effective July 13, 2016, to July 12, 2020. Signed on Oct. 5, 2016. Wage adjustments: Effective July 13, 2016: 2% Effective July 13, 2017: 2% Effective July 13, 2018: 2% Effective July 13, 2019: 2% Shift premium: $1.50 per hour for all hours worked between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. $1.50 per hour for all hours worked Saturday or Sunday (does not apply to AMT Level 2). $1.75 per hour when performing supervisory duties. Paid holidays: 11 days. Vacations with pay: 1 1/4 days per month to start, 1 2/3 days per month after 7 years, 2 1/12 days per month after 17 years, 2 1/2 days per month after 26 years. Overtime: Time and one-half for first 4 hours after regular hours. Double time for each ad- ditional consecutive hour. May be banked, maximum 80 hours. Unused hours will be paid out each year on Nov. 30. Meal allowance: $12 for more than 3 hours of overtime. Addi- tional $12 for each subsequent 4 hours' worked, except when meal is provided. $74 per day when travelling on business. Medical benefits: Sun Life Group Benefits Plan. Sick leave: 1 1/4 days per month, maximum 85 days. For employees hired before July 13, 2000, no maximum. Pension: Defined contribu- tion plan: Employer matches employee contribution of 6% in first 2 years of service, 6.5% in years 3 and 4. Bereavement leave: 5 days for death in immediate family (father, mother, stepfather, step- mother, foster-parent, brother, sister, spouse, child, child of common-law spouse, stepchild, ward of the employee, grand- child, father-in-law, mother- in-law, grandparents, relative residing in the employee's household). Additional days if travel is required. 1 day for death in other family (son-in- law, daughter-in-law, brother- in-law, sister-in-law). 1 day to act as a pallbearer. Call-in pay: Minimum 4 hours' pay, maximum 8 hours in an 8-hour period. Probationary period: 6 months. Discipline: Sunset clause is 24 months. Severance: 2 weeks' pay per year of service for the first year. 1 week per year of service for subsequent years. Safety shoes: $125 per year (previously $100 per year), or $250 every 2 years (previously $200 every 2 years) for CSA- approved safety footwear. Uniforms/clothing: $300 per year for replacement of cloth- ing. Employer will provide: rainwear (hats, coats, pants, boots); winter and spring coats which will be replaced once every 4 years. Seasonal employ- ees: $150 for winter clothing plus winter jacket; $150 for summer clothing plus spring jacket. Employer supplies: 3 pairs of pants, 6 (any combina- tion of long- or short-sleeves) shirts, 2 coveralls, 1 each sweat- er, cap, winter jacket, spring jacket, parka/snow pants. $200 once for the life of the agree- ment, for prescription or non- prescription sunglasses. Mileage: $0.50 per kilometre when working overtime on a day of rest or when overtime is not contiguous to regular hours. Minimum $2.35 when travelling on business: $0.50 per kilometre when employer requests employee to travel in personal vehicle; $0.15 per kilo- metre when employee requests to travel in personal vehicle. Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 8.25% in- crease): Equipment operator (Level 1): $23.03 rising 4 steps to $24.93 Equipment operator (Level 2): $23.99 rising 4 steps to $25.97 Administrative assistant (Level 1): $27.81 rising 4 steps to $30.11 Administrative assistant (Level 2): $29.75 rising 4 steps to $32.21 Building maintenance techni- cian: $26.87 rising 4 steps to $29.09 Airport maintenance techni- cian (Level 1): $23.99 rising 4 steps to $25.97 Airport maintenance techni- cian (Level 2): $28.65 rising 4 steps to $31.01 Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 9.35% in- crease): Supervisor, operations: $32.60 Parking: The employer will provide parking at no cost to all employees, with access to electrical plug-ins when air temperature is below -15 Celsius.

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