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June 26, 2017

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6 Canadian HR Reporter, a Thomson Reuters business 2017 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS June 26, 2017 Overtime: Time and one-half for first 3 hours in excess of 8 hours of worked in one day, double time for all hours after that. Facility operators paid 1 hour of overtime for each daily boiler/facility check on weekends and public holidays. Overtime can be banked up to 40 hours of lieu time. Minimum 2 overtime hours for required call-backs. Medical benefits: Employer pays 100% of premiums for extended health plan, family as- sistance plan. Dental: Employer pays 100% of premiums for dental plan. Vision: Employer pays 100% of premiums for vision plan. Sick leave: 1.67 days for every month in which there is a pay period for the employee. Can be accumulated up to 180 days. LTD: Employees pay 100% of premiums. AD&D: Employees pay 100% of premiums. Life insurance: Employees pay 100% of premiums for group life insurance plan. Pension: All employees partici- pate in Municipal Employees' Pension Plan. Bereavement leave: Up to 5 working days for death of im- mediate family member or spouse's immediate family member (spouse, common-law spouse, recognized partner, same-sex partner, child, step- child, sister, brother, mother, father, grandchildren, mother- in-law, father-in-law, brother- in-law, sister-in-law, grandpar- ents, spouse's grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, aboriginal elder). Additional 5 days paid of unpaid may be granted. Leave may be granted in instances other than immedi- ate family. Up to 1 paid day to act as pallbearer or eulogist. Seniority – recall rights: 2 consecutive years. Probationary period: 60 cu- mulative working days, with the option of extending up to an ad- ditional 40 working days upon mutual agreement of the par- ties. Trial period of 20 working days after which employee will be declared permanent. Can be extended up to 20 additional working days. Discipline: Sunset clause is 24 months. Severance: 1 week's notice with less than 1 year of employment, 2 weeks' notice after 1 year of employment, 4 weeks' notice after 3 years of employment, 6 weeks' notice after 5 years of employment, 8 weeks' notice after 10 years of employment. Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after increase): Accounting clerk: $20.64 rising 4 steps to $25.70 Administrative assistant, educational assistant, library technician, speech language pa- thology assistant: $18.11 rising 4 steps to $21.54 Concession worker: $16.45 ris- ing 3 steps to $18.63 Delivery stores clerk: $18.11 ris- ing 3 steps to $19.98 Education assistant 2, library supervisor, SIRS helpdesk technician: $19.40 rising 4 steps $23.87 Facility operator: $18.78 rising 3 steps to $20.88 Handyman: $23.03 rising in 2 steps to $24.34 Journeyperson carpenter: $29.43 rising in 2 steps to $30.90 Journeyperson painter: $25.18 rising in 2 steps $26.49 Library associate: $16.25 rising 4 steps to $20.26 Library supervisor: $19.40 ris- ing 4 steps to $23.87 Maintenance worker, painter helper: $18.78 rising 3 steps to $20.88 School assistance: $16.23 rising 3 steps to $16.89 Social worker: $39.17 rising in 5 steps to $47.81 Student: $13.52 rising 3 steps to $16.80 Sample rates of hourly pay (current): Head facility operator (more than 2 full-time employees): $21.73 Head facility operator (less than 2 full-time employees): $21.54 Journeyperson electrician: $34.90 Journeyperson plumber: $37.03 Community school co-ordina- tor: $29.75 Bus drivers: $40.28 per day plus 23.5 cents per kilometre Editor's notes: Hours worked: Facilities staff with fixed hours can opt to work 10 hours per day Monday to Thursday from first full week of July to last full week in August. Administrative staff with fixed hours can opt to work 9 hours per day Monday to Thursday. Hazardous/Acts of God leave: Employee will be granted leave with pay, maximum 2 days in any year for absences from work for events considered as Acts of God, such as disaster, fire, flood, snow storm. TRANSPORTATION NACC Shipping Canada Provincewide, Quebec (4 officers) and Canadian Marine Mates and Engineers Union Renewal agreement: Effective May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2022. Signed on May 7, 2017. Paid holidays: 9 days. Vacations with pay: 6% pay. Overtime: Time and one-half for all hours worked after 84 hours per week. Pension: NACC Shipping Canada Ltd. Defined Contribu- tion Plan. Employer, employee will contribute 7% of wages per hour, maximum 12 hours per day. Bereavement leave: 10 days for death in immediate family (spouse, children, parents). 5 days for death of brother, sister, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren. Seniority – recall rights: 24 months. Probationary period: 120 days. Discipline: Sunset clause is 24 months. Safety shoes: $150 per year for safety footwear. Uniforms/clothing: Employer will supply 1 pair of coveralls to each new officer and thereafter 2 additional pairs of coveralls. Replacements issued maximum 3 times per year. Employee will have option of selecting insu- lated pair of coveralls or winter parka. Mileage: $0.46 per kilometre. Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after 2% increase): First mate/second engineer: $47.05 rising 4 steps to $49.93 Second mate/third engineer: $40.60 rising 4 steps to $43.09 Editor's notes: Hiring hall: Employer will provide $6,000 per year. Transportation costs: Each officer will be eligible for travel allowance of maximum $550 per trip for travel to or from vessel to cover cost of airfare, excess baggage, meals, ground transportation or mileage from home to ship and from ship to home. Maximum $18 per meal, $110 per overnight accommodation. Effective March 1, 2019: $555. Effective March 1, 2021: $560. Marine disaster: When officer suffers loss of clothing or other personal effects because of marine disasters or shipwreck, fire or flood, officer will be compensated maximum $3,500. School plan: When officer obtains certification upgrade, officer will receive: watch-keeping to first mate: $5,000; first mate to master: $5,000; master to master mariner: $5,000; third engineer to second engineer (A&B): $5,000; second engineer to first engineer (A&B): $6,500. Pilotage: When navigation officer is in charge of vessel between Tibbetts Point and St. Lambert Lock, a payment of $795 will be made.

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