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September 20, 2021

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rimand, suspension or other sanction. Mileage: $0.55 per kilometre for first 5,000 kilometres per calendar year and $0.50 per kilometre thereafter, for each registered nurse required to operate motor vehicle in course of employment. Sample rates of hourly pay (current minimum/maxi- mum, after 5.8% increase): Registered nurse: $34.17/$45.86 rising 3 steps to $36.17/$48.54 Public health registered nurse: $36.29/$48.54 rising 3 steps to $38.41/$51.39 Community health nursing specialist: $37.44/$49.97 rising 3 steps to $39.64/$52.90 Nurse practitioner: $47.17/$63.10 rising 3 steps to $49.94/$66.80 Editor's notes: Retirement: Normal retirement under OMERS occurs when registered nurse reaches 65th birthday but will not be mandatory. Registered nurse approaching 65th birthday will advise employer of intentions to continue working or re- tire. On-call: $4.75 per hour for time spent on-call. RETAIL GROCERY Machado Grocers dba Chalo FreshCo Tamarack Edmonton (135 grocery store employees) and the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada (UFCW), Local 401 Renewal agreement: Effec- tive March 25, 2021 to March 24, 2025. Signed on March 25, 2021. Wage adjustments: For all part-time employees who are top-rated Effective first full pay week fol- lowing first anniversary: $0.25 per hour Effective first full pay week following second anniversary: $0.25 per hour Effective first full pay week fol- lowing third anniversary: $0.25 per hour Shift premium: $0.75 per hour for employees designated as night crew (scheduled between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m.); $0.75 per hour for employees who lead night crew. $0.75 per hour for any non-night crew employee who works later than 11 p.m. for all hours worked from 11 p.m. onward (does not apply to employees who begin work shift from 5 a.m. and onward next day). $1 per hour for each hour worked when employee is assigned to perform majority of duties of position not set out in collective agreement. $1.50 per hour for all hours worked after 32 per week for part-time employees. Paid holidays: 9 days. Vacations with pay: 2 weeks or 4% after 1 year, 3 weeks or 6% after 5 years, 4 weeks or 8% after 10 years. Overtime: Time and one-half for work after 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Sick leave: 3 days per year, ac- cumulated on basis of one-half day every 2 months. Pension: Employer will make its employee pension plan available to eligible employees. Bereavement leave: 3 days for death in immediate family (spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, brother, sister, sister-in- law, brother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparents, common-law spouse, steppar- ents, stepchild, grandchild). 1 day off, with pay, to employee for death of aunt or uncle. Seniority – recall rights: 6 months after layoffs. Probationary period: 350 hours of active regular duty. Severance: 1 week of pay after 13 weeks of service; 2 weeks of pay after 2 years of service; 4 weeks of pay after 4 years of service; 5 weeks of pay after 6 years of service; 6 weeks of pay after 8 years of service; 8 weeks of pay after 10 years of service. Time and one-half normal weekly earnings multiplied by years of service, maximum $50,000 for full-time employ- ees; $15,000 for part-time em- ployees as enhanced severance for permanent discontinuance of store operations. Safety shoes: All part-time em- ployees (minimum of 2 years of service) who are required by employer to purchase safety footwear will be reimbursed $30; full-time employees will be entitled to reimbursement of $30 twice during collective agreement (shoes must be en- tirely black in colour and must be CSA-approved). Uniforms/clothing: When employer requires employee to wear uniform shirt, employer will supply new hires 1 shirt at time of hire. Every September, or earlier if required, all em- ployees who are required by employer to wear uniform will upon request, receive 1 addi- tional shirt as long as employee remains actively employed. Employer will maintain em- ployee-shared supply of clean, cold-temperature apparel: coats, gloves, hats. Sample rates of hourly pay (current): Minimum rates for full-time employees Start: $15 6 months: $15.10 12 months: $15.20 18 months: $15.30 24 months: $15.40 30 months: $16 36 months: $16.50 42 months: $17.50 48 months: $18 Minimum rates for part-time employees 0 to 300 hours: minimum wage (MW) 301 to 650 hours: MW + $0.05 651 to 1,300 hours: MW + $0.10 1,301 to 1,950 hours: MW + $0.15 1,951 to 2,600 hours: MW + $0.20 2,601 to 3,250 hours: MW + $0.25 3,251 to 3,900 hours: MW + $0.35 3,901 to 4,500 hours: MW + $0.40 4,501 to 5,200 hours: MW + $0.50 5,201 to 6,500 hours: MW + $0.60 More than 6,501 hours: MW + $0.70 Editor's notes: First-aid training: Employees' first aid training courses will be paid for by employer and scheduled on paid workday. Health, safety, education, training fund: Employer will contribute $0.06 per hour for every hour worked to United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 401 Health, Safety, Education and Training Fund. Employer contributions will in- crease by additional $0.01 per hour each year thereafter on last Sunday of year until expiry date of collective agreement or total contribution reaches maximum $0.14 per hour. Meeting time: Employees will be paid for attendance at non-voluntary meetings (maximum 2 hours, 4 times per year). Shift premium: $1.50 per hour for all hours worked after 32 per week for part-time employees. September 20, 2021 6 COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS Canadian HR Reporter, a Key Media Canada (HR) Ltd. business 2021

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