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CANADIAN HR REPORTER MARCH 2019 NEWS 3 Small B.C. company sees success making move to 4-day workweek Greater efficiencies at work lead to boosted employee productivity: Experts BY SARAH DOBSON LAST YEAR, Beelineweb de- cided to try something radical at its workplace. Instead of sticking to the usual 9-to-5, five-day work- week, it decided to make the shift to four days. e online marketing services company based in Lake Country, B.C., was looking to improve the health and wellness of employees by providing better work-life bal- ance, according to Amy Gaglardi, Beelineweb's director of business development. "We always like to question the status quo and see if there's a reason for it, instead of blindly following it. In this case, we ques- tioned the need for a five-day workweek." e small company also has a big environmental focus, having built its office using rapidly re- newable resources, reused mate- rials and geothermal heating and cooling, said Gaglardi. "Obviously, there's a huge envi- ronmental benefit of people not commuting to the office those extra 52 days a year." e change also appeals to dif- ferent demographics, she said. "We have all ages in our office, ranging from mid-20s to late 50s. So everyone is appreciative of the extra family time or time to work on their hobbies, spend time with their friends, go on weekend trips... things that feed their soul." Beelineweb has always focused on a healthy workplace, with perks that include an office gym, fitness breaks and organic fruit delivery. It also recently switched to offer- ing a set amount of personal days instead of sick days so employees could use the extra time to engage in healthy activities if they so de- sired, said Gaglardi. And in making the change to a four-day workweek, employees' workload, vacation time, benefits and salaries were not impacted, she said. "ey're just having to come to work 32 hours and learning to manage their time more effi- ciently so that they're getting this amount of work done in a shorter amount of time." Making the transition e change from five to four days had a few hiccups before it ran smoothly. For one, while staff were happy with the extra day of leisure, some of Beelineweb's goals and bigger projects weren't pro- gressing as hoped, said Gaglardi. To help staff manage their time more efficiently, the team was flown down to California for a two-day course by Franklin Cov- ey called "Extraordinary produc- tivity: e five choices that drive success." ONE-THIRD > pg. 14 "Obviously, there's a huge environmental benefit of people not commuting to the office an extra 52 days per year." Beelineweb's office design in Lake Country, B.C., highlights the company's environmental focus. Credit: Beelineweb

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