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May 29, 2017

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Proud Winner the original perks company TM Discount Program Providers the original perks company TM tune up your fi nances with 1200+ savings opportunities fi nancial well–being tone up with up to 50% off gym memberships physical fi tness zen out with 300+ Health & Wellness partners mental wellness 1.866.383.6646 ext.202 Find out more... View our new video at © Copyright 2017 Venngo Inc. All rights reserved. WorkPerks ® is a registered trade-mark of Venngo Inc. All other trade-marks are the property of their respective owners. V1_20170510 An award winning Venngo program is a core element of a complete compensation and benefi ts strategy. with 300+ Health it's a lot more than discounts the original perks company TM the original perks company TM Sample Savings Reported by Program Users TELUS SAVED $300.00 Toronto, ON Jack Astor's Bar and Grill SAVED $271.05 Thornhilll, ON GoodLife Fitness SAVED $226.00 toronto, ON Loblaw Optical / Eyewear SAVED $160.00 Summerside, PE Sleep Country Canada SAVED $100.00 Toronto, ON Landmark Cinemas SAVED $44.85 surrey, BC Cineplex Movie Tickets SAVED $32.70 Vancouver, BC The Source SAVED $31.56 Ajax, ON Apple Inc. SAVED $30.00 Toronto, ON CONFIDENTIAL — Venngo Inc. About this Report Estimated Spend and Estimated Savings values are based on a proprietary Venngo algorithm that leverages a number of data points. These data points include; reported sales, redemption rates, average spend, purchase information provided directly from end-users, and the discount in market at the time redemption was activated. These estimated values are based on your individual group activity, and corresponding aggregated vendor data. Average spend is based on information provided by individual vendors, information submitted by end-users and specific market research. Venngo continually reviews and updates all estimated spend, average spend and savings data. Please note: For vendor programs that provide recurring monthly savings (i.e. cellular phone offers, insurance, etc.) the goal of the report is to capture the aggregated spend and savings — from all end-users actively utilizing the offer — to accurately reflect the total value of the vendor offer within your group. We are working with each of our vendors to gather complete utilization data. Until vendor data has been updated, the spend and savings for these vendor offers will be calculated solely on the activity within the date range of the report and will therefore be underreported. Vendor programs that have been updated to include the aggregated utilization data will be noted with a ‡. † Within the reported timeframe, the activity for this specific vendor within your program was not high enough to generate the minimum number of redemption clicks needed to statistically complete one full redemption. As a result, the r eport is displaying only a fraction of the total savings that can be realized when an end-user actually redeems this vendor's discount. While this scenario can occur with any vendor program it will typically present itself with products or services that are high in dollar value as they typically have lower redemption rates. For example, while one hundred end-users may click-through to the redemption for a car discount, only a small fraction (i.e. 1/100) of those end-users will actually purchase a vehicle. This ratio is factored into the algorithm on a per vendor basis. Legend Activity data captured from end-users using web browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Activity data captured from end-users on the Venngo mobile apps. This does not include activity data captured from web browsers used on mobile devices. The total number of e-Newsletters that were opened e-Newsletter click-through rate. This number notes the percentage of end-users who clicked on a link to a vendor program from an opened e-Newsletter. Visits The total number of times end-users have been active in the program. Page Views A Page View is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser or within the mobile app. Page Views is the total number of individual page views. Redemption Clicks A redemption click is the final action that an end-user takes within the program to access the discount with a specific vendor. A redemption click includes the following program actions; printing a perk, accessing the vendor website (WWW link), using the in-store option within the mobile apps, calling a vendor or sending an email. e-Newsletters Sent The total number of e-Newsletters delivered to the group. Each month multiple e-Newsletter campaigns are distributed to the group. Each campaign will have specific subscribers which may not include the entire group as noted in e-Newsletter Subscriptions. For example, an end-user who is subscribed to the general e-Newsletter distribution may have decided that they do not wish to receive the apparel edition. This factor, along with any technical or end-user specific account issues will result in number of e-Newsletters Sent to not simply be a multiple of e-Newsletter Subscribers. Activity and Estimated Savings November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016 CONFIDENTIAL — Venngo Inc. Most Popular Perks By Estimated Savings Estimated Spend ($) Estimated Savings ($) 1 TELUS $1,953,500 $586,050 2 GoodLife Fitness $338,400 $169,200 3 Rogers Wireless $558,012 $167,797 4 Discounts Worldwide $36,600 $10,980 5 Lenovo $42,552 $8,510 6 Budget $33,408 $8,352 7 Hertz $22,968 $6,890 8 Panasonic Canada $13,312 $5,991 9 Apple Inc. $193,620 $5,809 10 Avis $22,764 $5,691 11 Nissan Canada's Vehicle Purchase Program $101,120 $5,056 12 Dell Canada $43,280 $4,328 13 The Source $27,000 $4,050 14 Wyndham Hotel Group $17,680 $3,536 15 Choice Hotels Canada $14,100 $2,820 16 Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament $7,453 $2,757 17 Orlando Vacation $16,950 $2,542 18 Enterprise Rent-A-Car™ $10,509 $2,102 19 Loblaw Optical / Eyewear $4,620 $1,848 20 Canada Employee Sleep Program $3,290 $1,810 21 Ripley's Aquarium $9,480 $1,659 22 GM Preferred Pricing† $32,000 $1,600 23 itravel2000 $44,465 $1,410 24 adidas $5,521 $1,380 25 Cineplex Movie Tickets $7,830 $1,331 By Activity Redemption Clicks Page Views 1 TELUS 14,046 31,153 2 Rogers Wireless 5,471 10,707 3 Apple Inc. 3,227 7,622 4 GoodLife Fitness 423 2,685 5 Dell Canada 1,082 2,644 6 Lenovo 1,182 2,356 7 The Source 900 2,157 8 Cineplex Movie Tickets 522 1,738 9 adidas 516 1,720 10 LXR&CO 341 1,524 11 Enterprise Rent-A-Car™ 513 1,479 12 SoftMoc 479 1,422 13 Choice Hotels Canada 564 1,305 14 Budget 464 1,172 15 BCBGMAXAZRIA Canada 65 1,122 16 Raptors 905 172 1,055 17 Starfrit 158 983 18 Jack Astor's Bar and Grill 337 910 19 Panasonic Canada 355 20 itravel2000 376 21 La Vie en Rose 312 22 Discounts Worldwide 305 23 Flight Network 299 24 Ripley's Aquarium 316 25 Hertz 319 Activity and Estimated Savings November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016 Estimated Total Monthly Spend $3,878,599 Estimated Total Monthly Savings $1,050,400 Accounts Created 669 Total Active Accounts 54,098 e-Newsletter Subscriptions 41,995 Visits 31,676 96% 4% Page Views 304,613 97% 3% Redemption Clicks 39,961 81% 19% e-Newsletters Sent 111,244 54,028 CONFIDENTIAL — Venngo Inc. Most Popular Categories Page Views 1 Computers & Electronics 34,145 31,086 3,059 2 Dining & Food 8,917 5,263 3,654 3 Travel 8,674 7,102 1,572 4 Apparel 8,481 5,778 2,703 5 Entertainment 5,114 3,713 1,401 6 Auto 4,146 3,169 977 7 Shoes & Accessories 3,351 2,448 903 8 Health & Wellness 3,330 2,544 786 9 Home & Living 2,982 2,339 643 10 Beauty 2,356 1,587 769

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