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BASIC employee monitoring options have been available for years, whether it's watching for fraud in benefits claims or keystroke logging to catch inappropriate activity. But as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, the options are broadening. Take, for example, a bot that goes through company documents, emails and chat to identify digital bullying and sexual harassment by Chicago-based AI firm NexLP. There's also the Isaak system by Status Today, a London, U.K.-based company that looks at email activity to measure employees' productivity, well-being, collaboration and engagement patterns. Or there's Veriato in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., a company providing employee monitoring and insider threat detection software that can record and track employee online activity, with video playback, while providing productivity reports and alerts. That's the beauty of AI, according to Pete Nourse, chief marketing officer at Veriato. "If you're monitoring every employee in a 10,000-person company, 24-7, the amount of data is just crazy and it would be virtually impossible for us humans to sift through that and figure out: 'Does this look right? Does this WWW.HRREPORTER.COM ISSUE 33.02 THE NATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AI monitoring rises to new levels Exclusive roundtable: Culture 2020 Panellists agree the intangibilities of culture need to be made concrete /28 Measuring the ROI of mentorship Using surveys and a variety of data, employers can get a clear picture /22 Preparing for the future With disruption on the horizon, many CPOs are unprepared /08 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE… ANGRY TWEETS IN SPOTLIGHT Angry off-duty tweets: How should employers respond when a worker vents their frustration? /10 AI IS NOT THE ENEMY There's a perception problem when it comes to AI and the workplace, says one expert /12 TRAINING FOR TOMORROW With such a fluid workplace, now is the time to reinvent learning and development /18 > pg. 2 With AI software purporting to detect issues such as sexual harassment, disengagement and productivity, employee monitoring is rising to new levels. But employers must be careful when it comes to data quality, transparency and over-reliance, finds Sarah Dobson

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