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work should we outsource? If it's not critical to our business, should we even be in that space?" And, most importantly, what work can now be done through automation and artificial intelligence? "You have the opportunity to set that stage today. And you need to lead the organizations when new work comes up or even with existing work. We need to start squatting that work into the appropriate bucket. You need to start creating that backlog of opportunity for AI within your team," he says. Once the strategy is figured out, the hardest part is educating the workforce. "In a smaller organization, you could probably do that in an afternoon or a "The people in your organization still need the skills, the underlying skills of what it is that's being automated, in the event that that technology isn't available in the future." HR's role in evolving AI at work For HR, AI is a golden opportunity to think about the work that happens at their organization by answering important questions, says Hickey. "What work should be done by your employees or your humans? What work should be done by contractors or flexible workers? What work should be done by professional services? [Do] we need to rent that skill because we don't have it or do we need to augment our team for a certain period of time? What "HR plays a crucial role. I think it's probably going to take us another year or two to get to the point where HR is leading the charge to get people ready." week. In a large organization, it took us almost six months to go around the organization and tell everyone what is it that we're doing, where we're going, giving people the opportunity to talk to us about what they want changed in the plans that we were developing," says Hickey. It's also about talking about the technologies that are going to be used and what skills and training are required, he says. "You need to start working with people so that they understand the impacts. And you need to start to develop them so they can get the skills that they need to be able to live in this new economy." HR also needs to develop use cases, Visit GET LISTED IN THE HR VENDORS GUIDE Company Name COMPANY LOGO

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