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34 THE THREE FORCES SHAPING HR RIGHT NOW Ultimate Software's Cecile Alper-Leroux shares her insights into the future of work and what HR leaders need to do to stay ahead of the curve are shaping it and translates them for HR leaders and organizations. In a webcast during January's "prediction season," Alper-Leroux explained how accessibility, the balance between data privacy and transparency and adaptability are shaping the future of work today. "They're incredibly interconnected," Alper-Leroux told HRD in an interview ahead of the webcast. "From an HR perspective, they reinforce each other." She explained that the three factors are tied to the ongoing global labour shortage, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and a global reassessment of who, or what, people are choosing to trust. Focus on Accessibility for All There's a global labour shortage, and Alper-Leroux thinks accessibility is the answer. Her idea of accessibility, though, goes beyond the concept of physical access toward a holistic accessibility. "Accessibility has to be more broadly defined," Alper-Leroux said. "We've got to focus on how we make our workplaces available to some of the untapped labour sources out there." UN studies estimate one billion people live with HR CAN'T EXIST in a vacuum. The forces that shape people managers are the forces shaping almost every industry today. That's Ultimate Software's view. As a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM) and employee experience solutions in the cloud, Ultimate keeps abreast of the forces shaping the working world to stay ahead of customers' needs. Analyzing those forces is part of Cecile Alper-Leroux's role. As VP of HCM innovation at Ultimate, Alper- Leroux looks at the world, sees what major forces HR TRENDS LEADERSHIP SERIES

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