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36 THE CASE FOR TAILORED 'POSITIVE' BENEFITS Benefits are expected in today's workforce, but a thoughtfully curated perks program can pay a meaningful happiness dividend. SVP at Venngo is trying to provide a more omnipresent benefit package for employees with lifestyle discounts as the keystone. He thinks Venngo offers an augment to any company's traditional benefits package. Its benefit program, WorkPerks, extends the employees' experience beyond the organization. He knows, too, that the sort of benefits Venngo offers must fit into the employee experience. Positive benefits need to be thoughtfully built to meet the unique needs of an organization. "We come at the market more holistically," De Iulis explained. "We think of benefits that can enhance those good moments in the lives of your employees. We want employers to think about being there for employees and helping them take advantage of more opportunities in the good times." He cited how a "positive benefits" program can create a sense of trust and happiness that will drive productivity among employees. The trick, though, is providing a discounts program that actually touches on employees' day-to-day lives. A benefits program might offer online discounts, De Iulis explained, but as much as we talk about online shopping, local brick and mortar shops are a far better way to touch an employee's routine. Venngo strives to make its instore redemption process as BENEFITS ARE expected in today's workforce. All but the smallest, most bare-bones operations offer some kind of benefit package to their employees. Health and dental plans are a necessary side of the working contract, but their impact is felt during harder moments in an employee's life, which, one hopes, are few and far between. Tom De Iulis thinks employers should look to provide benefits "for the good times" as well. The EMPLOYEE BENEFITS LEADERSHIP SERIES

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